Hold Harmless Waiver Form

Hold Harmless Waiver Form

In order for any service to be provided efficiently, the participant has to sign Hold Harmless Waiver. This is the best way to ensure that services are provided without any form of prejudice. Hold Harmless Waiver is part of the Hold Harmless Agreement which indemnifies service provider from any legal claim as a result of the service being provided.

Understanding Hold Harmless Waiver

Hold harmless waiver has been given various names including Hold Harmless, Hold Harmless Release, Hold Harmless Letter, Release of Liability and Waiver of Liability. From these names, its definition can be simply extracted from the word ‘Waiver’. It simply means to surrender any legal claims that may occur as a result of service being provided.

Who should Sign Harmless Waiver?

Hold harmless waiver should be signed by participants of a certain activity or the receiver of a certain service. The service provider is the initiator of the agreement for he is the beneficiary of the waiver. Without this waiver, a service provider can be held legally liable to unforeseen damages or occurrences. Therefore, there is need to have your clients sign this agreement.

The Content of Hold Harmless Waiver

In a normal hold harmless waiver, there are usually 4 parts that the signer has to read carefully. Here below is the highlight of the content.

The first part of the waiver agreement is the acknowledgement part. Here, the participant acknowledges that the activity he/she is engaging in has its risks. Therefore, by acknowledging this, the participant bears all the risks associated with the activity or service provided.

After understanding the risks involved, the participants then relinquishes any claims from the service provider. This is to mean that in the event of an accident, the service provider will not be held liable and no claims, either by the participant or the participant’s family, shall be held against the service provider.

The third part is usually a statement of indemnity that the participant indemnifies the service provider from any claims resulting from any damages or physical injury.

Then the participant is required to ascertain that he/she has read and fully understood the content of the Hold Harmless Waiver by putting his name and the signature on the agreement.

After signing the agreement, the waiver becomes active and the rights to file a claim against service provider are denied by the courts through this agreement.

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