Hold Harmless Agreement Template

Hold Harmless Agreement Template

The world as it is now is an organized place to live. People offer service to others in exchange of money. But it may so happen that the same people you offer service to turn against you for the same service you offered. For instance, a member of a sports club can sue the management for being hit by a tennis ball. It sounds crazy but it happens, not just in sports clubs but other settings as well. Such incidences have necessitated a Hold Harmless Agreement that has to be signed prior to receiving a service.

What is Hold Harmless Agreement?

This is an agreement signed by service provider and the receiver of the service limiting legal liabilities in case of any unforeseen occurrence. This agreement has been seen as the best way of limiting liability for one or both parties. Again, let’s use the example of a sports club; the management may need club members to sign a Hold Harmless Agreement so as to avoid any legal claim in case of an accident.

A sports club has just been used as an example; there are many other instances where Hold Harmless Agreements are useful.

When a Hold Harmless Agreement is used?

There are many instances when this agreement can be used but all those instances revolve around the following:

  • When you allow an individual or a group to use your facility or property and you do not want any liability against you.
  • When a company is providing services to you and you do not want to be held liable should a third party be harmed.
  • When you are offering services and you want to protect someone from being sued due to your activities.

Types of Protection Covered by Hold Harmless Agreement

There are 3 broad types of protection that a Hold Harmless Agreement can cover. Here below are the types.

  • General

This is a general agreement that hold the protected party harmless for the occurrences specified in the agreement. Therefore, the Hold Harmless Agreement has to specify the possible occurrences from which the party is protected against.

  • Services

The provider of the service hold the client harmless should anything happen. A good example is when a subcontractor holds the main contractor harmless for a service, e.g. painting being done on behalf of the contractor.

  • Use of Property

If someone is using your property, you can hold them harmless for any occurrence during the stated period of activity. This has to include the address of the property, use of the property and time of use. For example, 233 Maple Lane being used for a birthday party including 100 guests from 6pm to 6am on December 13th and 14th, 2014.

It is important to sign the Hold Harmless Agreement lest you face legal liability that you never expected.

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