Hold Harmless Agreement High Risk Activities

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__________________________________________, in consideration of a permit
(Name of Permittee/Licensee)
or license issued to it by the Town of East Hartford on __________________, hereby
covenants and agrees to and shall, at all times, indemnify, protect and save harmless
and defend the Town from and against all costs or expenses resulting from any and
all losses, damages, detriment, suits, claims, demands, costs and charges, including
attorneys’ fees, if any, which the Town may directly or indirectly suffer, sustain or be
subjected to by reason or on account of the work to be performed pursuant to such
license or permit or any activities in connection with said license or permit, whether
such losses and damages be suffered or sustained by the Town directly or by its
employees, licensees or invitees, or be suffered or sustained by other persons or
corporations who may seek to hold the Town liable therefor. The existence (or nonexistence)
of any insurance coverage purchased by ___________________________
shall in no way affect the Town’s rights pursuant to the terms of this agreement.
Signature of Permittee/Licensee: _________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________
Date: _________________________________________
Hold Harmless Agreement