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I/We the undersigned authorized representative(s) of                                                                 (hereafter the “Organization”) of the city of                                                     , state of                     shall be using the building and grounds of                                                                                   (hereafter the “Church”) from

to                                 , 20         , for the purpose of



hereafter referred to as the “Activity”.


I/We understand and agree that neither the Church, nor its trustees, representatives, employees, and agents may be held liable in any way for an occurrence in connection with the Activity which may result in injury, harm, or other damages to the undersigned or members of our organization and guests, invited or not. Rather, I/We agree that our Organization alone shall be responsible for any property damage, personal injury or death that may occur during our use of the premises.


As part of the consideration for being allowed to use your facility, building and grounds as well as all appliances and fixtures in the activity, I/we release the Church, its trustees, employees, agents, or representatives from any claim for damages, injury or death which may occur while participating in the Activity. I/We further agree to save and hold harmless the Church, its trustees, employees, agents, or representatives from any claim arising out of or participation in any form or fashion in the Activity.


I/We represent that our Organization has general liability insurance with coverage limits of                                 in effect as of the date of the Activity. I/We agree to name the Church as an additional insured on our general liability insurance policy and shall provide proof of such additional insurance coverage to the Church prior to the date of the Activity.




I/We further state the I/we are authorized to sign this agreement; that I/we understand the terms herein are contractual and not mere recital; and that I/we have signed this document of my/our own free act and volition. I/We further state and acknowledge that I/we have fully informed ourselves of the content of this affirmation and release by reading it before I/we signed it.



I/We have executed this Church Usage and Hold Harmless Agreement this                day of

, 20             .