Indemnity Insurance

Indemnity Insurance Indemnity is a compensation made by one party to another in event of loss or damages. It can also be referred to as exemption from liability for damages in the legal sense. The concept of indemnity depends on … Read More

Hold Harmless Agreement

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Hold Harmless agreements/letters and clauses are used heavily today because increasingly more companies are trying to protect themselves from devastating and expensive litigation. These agreements can be used to release one or both persons or parties from potential legal claims … Read More

Hold Harmless Template

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Hold Harmless Template Download   Hold Harmless Agreement Almost everyone wants to protect the indemnity from any unforeseen damages, liabilities or claims during their involvement in an activity and this is where both the parties have to establish a Hold … Read More

Full Agreement to the Insuring and Hold Harmless Conditions

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This agreement is being entered into by all indicated parties for any and all work done for, with, or on behalf of                                                         for the period starting with:                                    and running until                                                     .   This agreement is being … Read More


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I/We the undersigned authorized representative(s) of                                                                 (hereafter the “Organization”) of the city of                                                     , state of                     shall be using the building and grounds of                                                                                   (hereafter the “Church”) from to                                 , 20         , for the purpose of     hereafter referred … Read More

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